Academic Writing Help Centre

At the University of Ottawa, I was given the opportunity to work with the Student Academic Success Service (SASS) to build an online appointment booking system for the University's Academic Writing Help Centre (AWHC). I was responsible for building the user interface for the student portal, and integrating it with the backend code.

The system was built using PHP5 and a ratchet server library for websockets was used to achieve real time notifications for the schedule view. Real time updates would disable specific time slots to avoid students from booking the same appointment times. An appointment history and student profile page was also implemented to help students track their session times.

Additionally, an email notification system was created to remind students of upcoming appointments and events.


ActionLog is the University of Ottawa's central system for dispatching tickets to the IT/technical support team. I was contracted to implement many enhancements and refactor the entire codebase to follow an MVC paradigm. All database queries were rewritten to be encapsulated inside of model classes and the code was cleaned up for easier future maintenance.

After the backend rewrite, I offered to redesign the entire UI to follow a material design theme that was also mobile responsive allowing workers to use the software on iPads.


Memegram is a mobile application that allows users to send puzzles to friends that must be solved in order to reveal hidden messages.

I was contracted to build a mobile responsive landing page for the company's app.

Nite Out

Nite Out is a side project web application that I built in my spare time while attempting to learn the MEAN stack (mongodb, expressjs, angularjs, nodejs).

The web application utilizes the facebook API and login in order to collect all upcoming facebook events that are geographically close to the user. The events are then ordered by the most attending which allows users to know the most popular local events of the week.


Prosizo is an Ottawa barbershop located near the University of Ottawa.

Check it out:

Software Engineering Student Association

The SESA website was originally created using Ruby on Rails but I reimplemented the entire frontend, switching over to a Reactjs + Redux paradigm.

For the backend, I chose to use WordPress as a headless CMS acting as a REST API. This would allow members to simply log into WordPress in order to perform changes to the website (and not needing to learn Rails which would be easier for future maintenance).

In the end, we decided to stick to Rails for the live website as this would give new members the opportunity to learn the framework. Despite my code not being used, it was still an excellent learning experience for me to gain more experience with Reactjs and WordPress's REST API.

Check it out:

Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend is a Google sponsored event where fellow students come together to brainstorm on potential startup ideas over the span of an entire weekend.

I was hired by the coordinator to produce a landing page website. Check it out:


UOPlayer is a web application that the University of Ottawa uses to achieve digital signage when paired up with Spinetix digital signage devices. The software can be used to create specific templates and slideshows that are displayed across all television screens on campus. The cafeteria also uses the software to display food menus.

I was contracted to create SVG widgets that could be used for the slideshow templates. These widgets included weather, date-time, youtube embeds, video, and live streaming options.

Later during my work term, I was given the task of porting the system over to a Raspberry Pi version. The current system could only be used with Spinetix devices which were essentially $2200 per box (the University had many dozens of these all across campus). A Raspberry Pi alternative would only cost $30, therefore the completion of my project essentially saved the University thousands of dollars (they were planning on selling the Spinetix boxes).

We initially opted to use Screenly, an operating system specifically designed for digital signage, but due to browser incompatibilities (Screenly uses UZBL browser which is really outdated!), we switched over to Raspbian OS and ran a script to open a chromium browser in kiosk mode for our templates.

Fitness with Jules

Jules is a personal trainer specializing in post preganancy fitness that I had the wonderful opportunity to work with. She hired me to implement a new responsive website and blogging system for her business.

I created the website using ProcessWire, a CMS API that gives developers the flexibility and freedom of decoupling the frontend from the CMS templating engine.

Check it out:

The API is so intuitive and easy to use, that I now use ProcessWire exclusively for all of my CMS style websites that I build.

Sigma Alpha Mu

I created Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity's website simply as a side project during the summer. It was built using WIX drag and drop CMS.

I'm generally not a fan of drag and drop interfaces but the development time and speed is unmatched when it comes to building simple websites.

Check it out:

Hazard Notification System

Working for Versaterm, I was given the task of building a REST API that would be used for situational awareness data. This data would allow Police Officers to receive icons on their GPS's indicating hazards within a specified radius of their mobile vehicle. It would essentially give officers additional knowledge of their surroundings before heading into situations.

I worked with Redis in-memory database to store geographical coordinates along with C# for the front-end and Genero 4GL languages for the backend.

I was also thankfully forced to use VI text editor (which I now use religiously) throughout my work term, as most development involved SSHing into remote servers. Overall, it was extremely gratifying building software that would assist our officers in performing their daily duties.

Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute

OLBI was my first experience building a website using Drupal CMS. The institute was planning on migrating all of their HTML source code over to Drupal platform and it was my job to assist them with the transition.

Cafe Nostalgica

Cafe Nostalgica is a restaurant near the University of Ottawa Campus that I developed a mobile responsive website for.


Seedbase is a web platform that connects local entrepreneurs with student freelancers interested in acquiring additional experience and part time income.

The founder of the company hired me to redevelop the entire frontend customer facing portals.

Check it out:

Restaurant Rouge

Restaurant Rouge is an asian fusion restaurant located in Gatineau, Quebec.

They hired me to implement a landing page for their business.

Check it out:

Carleton Academic Student Government

The Carleton Academic Student Government for Carleton University hired my buddy and I to redesign their website.

Check it out:


Plano is an eye exam record management system that me and a group of students built for a local optometry office. The system digitalizes the optometry form and allows an Optometrist to use an iPad instead. This removes the need of having filing cabinets and paper forms since all information is stored in the cloud.

UO Entrepreneurs

UO Entrepreneurs is a landing page website for the University of Ottawa that acts as an index for all entrepreneurial clubs and events on campus.

Check it out:


Welbi is a mobile web application that leverages Fitbit data in order to keep track of your loved one's health.

I was contracted by the startup to assist in the implementation new features and bug fixes for the mobile application.

Find out more details about their app at:


CrunchShop is my web design consulting business. I built a simple landing page with a contact form to receive inquiries from potential clients.

Check it out:

Nail Studio Management System

NSM system is an employee and customer kiosk system that I built for a Nail Salon located in California. The real time system interacts with a mobile application used by workers in order to give the shop manager a birds eye view on all operations. The system also acts as a point of sale software and can keep track of payroll for employees.

Chirp Chirp

Chirp Chirp is a side project that I worked on. It serves as a blogging website for users to post funny memes and jokes. I learned MobX react framework while building the site and the backend is built using nodejs and postgres.

B&J Hardwood Flooring

A family friend was looking to upgrade their business website with a responsive theme so I took on the job as a favor.

Check it out:

Welbi Admin Panel

A content management system built for the Welbi Marketing team to post articles, feed items, tips to display in the native application. Built using react, redux, and laravel.

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